Assessments, Business Consulting, Sales & Marketing, Retreats, Speaking

Expert in Performance & Profitability

Expert in Performance & Profitability

Assessments, Business Consulting, Sales & Marketing, Retreats, Speaking



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"Sharon is that rare individual - extremely intelligent and multi-talented,"
-- Hussein Kamel, PhD, Computer Structural Analysis, Professor Emeritus, University of Arizona

"Sharon Youngblood's work with our management team, as well as our firing line people, helped us increase admissions, develop better goals and priorities, and work effectively as a team."
-- Julie Willingham,
Program Director,
Burning Tree Programs (Kaufman, Texas).




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By Telephone,
Online, & Onsite

  • Welcome and a special hello from Sharon Youngblood! When you work with us, we work with you, your executives and your company to develop and improve your business position. Everything we do is done with the conscious intention of increasing your success.

  • We started our business in 1991 with a passionate idea: we make a difference by working with you to increase your sustainability and increase your ability to regenerate your business. We have programs to support you whether you are just beginning systems thinking or are in a regenerative mode.

  • We know that you need different approaches At different stages of your organization's development and that is why we provide several distinct options for you.

  • Imagine yourself with tools that really work to develop your people. Instead of training that does not stick with your staff past the airplane ride home, you enjoy long term, long lasting powerful results. One tool used by Michael Baker Corporation and hundreds of our other clients is Executive Coaching. We use assessments to identify strengths, and capacities and then coach one-on-one by telephone to coach executives and staff to achieve powerful results.

"The one-on-one coaching has been a tremendous help. The Leadership Coaching provided by Sharon Youngblood goes beyond the basic management of people. She coaches leadership skills that help managers get the most from their personnel. We appreciate Sharon's helping our leaders grow the business."
-- Jeff Baker, Office Manager, Michael Baker Corporation
Anchorage, Alaska

  • For those of you who prefer long distance training, we created Office Tater Teleseminars™. The name is a tribute to celebrate the fact that great seminars can be provided while you sit in the comfort of your office - whether an executive suite or a cubicle! We provide for your industry - at last - both the essential soft skills (Personal Foundations Teleseminars) and the business knowledge (Business Foundations Teleseminars) that you need. Our Teleseminars are the perfect, cost effective, time management effective, long distance learning venue for seminars, workshops, leadership development, web learning and training.

  • We offer a full range of online assessments to assist you. Assessments provide you with the information on behavior, capacity, skills and other variables you need to strengthen your whole organization.

  • Each year we work with a few select clients onsite in a comprehensive development program. We, relying on a body of systems work, work with high performing organizations to increase their ability to choose consciously and regenerate the organization. Complete your company profile and we will talk with you to determine a mutual fit.

  • We invite you to receive our free monthly newsletter with vital information on development of your organization. Some articles focus on Business Foundations such as financial management, marketing, and services. Others stress Personal Foundations such as communication, time management and leadership. We'll also feature life balance info and news to benefit your business. We announce Office Tater Forums™ in our newsletter and keep you informed of upcoming events.



Youngblood Consulting, Inc.
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"I have found it very valuable to have Sharon provide guidance and suggestions from an unbiased perspective. This has allowed me to more thoroughly understand the "real" issues, other individuals perspectives on these issues, and to frame my response, proposition, or ideas in a more effective way."
--David Millikan, Vice President, Texas, Michael Baker Corp.




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