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"Sharon is that rare individual - extremely intelligent and multi-talented,"
-- Hussein Kamel, PhD, Computer Structural Analysis, Professor Emeritus, University of Arizona

"Sharon Youngblood's work with our management team, as well as our firing line people, helped us increase admissions, develop better goals and priorities, and work effectively as a team."
-- Julie Willingham,
Program Director,
Burning Tree Programs (Kaufman, Texas).




Behavioral Health Teleseminar

How to Retain and Increase Your Census  - 4 Part Series

In this teleseminar series you will learn:

In part 1, Understanding Where You Are and Where You Need to Be, of this 4 part tele-seminar series, you will learn everything you need to:

  • create stability and security for staff, clients and owners,
  • understand why skimping on marketing is bad news,
  • determine the buzz about your facility/operations,
  • understand how well known you are and where weak points are in your image,
  • build on the basics - after you are sure you have the basics covered - 3 things to do immediately to get more business and keep the business you have,
  • use strong retention skills to keep census up and succeed for your clients,
  • outline your quick start marketing plans and implement,
  • choose your geographic focus and other market segments, and
  • be well positioned if the recession DOES last one or two more years.

Part 2, Walk Away from the Bad Economy News and Get Going - you will quickly be able to:

  • keep morale up, and focus powerfully on success, holding onto your top employees through the downturn
  • strategically maximize revenue,
  • stay ahead of your competitors,
  • understand trends and capitalize on them,
  • position yourself against your competition,
  • solidify your brand and reputation,
  • capitalize, on a good brand, and powerfully position your program
  • complete a SWOT analysis on your facility, making every dollar return revenue.

Part 3, To thrive by, improving operations, saving money, and marketing, you will:

  • set your budget maximizing cash flow,
  • create a targeted high performance national, regional and local marketing campaign,
  • develop top return market segments,
  • painlessly create strategic plans for each region/area,
  • work from action plans,
  • develop powerful marketing operations,
  • implement right the first time,
  • keep management patient while you market by showing results.

Part 4, Maximize Results and Marketing Dollars from:

  • regional/area trips,
  • conferences,
  • tours and visits,
  • speaking opportunities,
  • developing referents,
  • referent program updates,
  • marketing materials,
  • communications with referents/families,
  • retention programs,
  • and more....

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Sharon Youngblood is an engineer, business executive, social scientist, and consultant to Behavioral Health facilities and programs for 5 years. She also worked with DuPont Clinical Systems as an Area Engineer, and has served as Vice President and CEO of biotechnology and medical firms. Her knowledge of your industry and vast experience as a consultant and coach ensure that you will receive the very best marketing information to help you survive an extremely tough economy.

You will receive instructional materials and the bridge number to call after you register. You may register an unlimited number of people but they must all register to attend. This is a first come, first served opportunity.

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