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Expert in Performance & Profitability

Expert in Performance & Profitability

Assessments, Business Consulting, Sales & Marketing, Retreats, Speaking



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"Sharon is that rare individual - extremely intelligent and multi-talented,"
-- Hussein Kamel, PhD, Computer Structural Analysis, Professor Emeritus, University of Arizona

"I can say we would not have accomplished our goals without your assistance."
-- Chester Teaford, HDR, Inc.,
formerly, V.P., Michael Baker Jr., Inc.



What A Few Of Our Clients Are Saying

"As an owner-executive, I have especially appreciated the work Sharon has done with our management team. …Her training as an engineer and her vast business experience, make her uniquely qualified for this type of work. I am pleased to recommend her services to any organization interested in improved communications, productivity and profitability.
 - Tom McGovern, President/Owner, MMLA, Inc., Consulting Engineers

"Sharon did a good job establishing our program and moving it forward. We have been able to implement some significant improvements in how we perform our work"

 - Garry Rice, Stantec Inc., (formerly Cella Barr Associates) Consulting Engineers

"I have great respect for Sharon's forthrightness and honesty. She combines the necessary toughness needed to overcome difficult situations with the ability to take full responsibility for her decisions. She is that rare individual who is multi-talented and very creative."
 - Hussein A. Kamel, PhD, Computer-Aided Structural Analysis, Inc., Finite Element Structural Analysis.

"Without reservation, I would recommend exploring those areas where Sharon can strengthen your team."

 - Thomas Williams, Kaufman Broad Homebuilders (formerly Estes Homes)

"You are one of the highest ranked instructors at the Consulting Engineers Leadership Engineering Administration Program. We look forward to having you at next year's program."
 - Bill McMullen, former Western Region Vice President, Michael Baker Jr., Consulting Engineers

"We appreciated the work Sharon did with us and will use her again in the future."

 - David Wald-Hopkins, Burns Wald-Hopkins Architects, Inc.

"I am extremely impressed with Sharon's ability to efficiently identify and prioritize the key issues and, more importantly, to facilitate the changes that are needed for us to reach our goals. I have never worked with a more talented consultant. Sharon addresses issues ranging from conflicting management direction, to communication problems, to finances, all with a great deal of efficiency, clarity and tact."

 - J.M. Gallaher, Principal, Sonoran Design Studios, Inc.

"It is always difficult to choose a speaker when the success of the event depends on the choice. our choice of having you be the speaker ...rocketed this years conference into an overwhelming success that has received continuous praise from every attendee."
 - David Bixler, Executive Director, Arizona Association for Economic Development

"The Phoenix Office has grown from less than 50 to over 70 employees during your period of assistance. We have also been able to win more projects, attract high quality employees, strength our processes and remain profitable. As Office Manager, I can confidently say that this progress would not have happened without your assistance."

 - Chester A. Teaford, Assistant VP/ Phoenix Office Manager, Michael Baker Corporation


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