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Expert in Performance & Profitability

Expert in Performance & Profitability

Assessments, Business Consulting, Sales & Marketing, Retreats, Speaking



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"Sharon is that rare individual - extremely intelligent and multi-talented,"
-- Hussein Kamel, PhD, Computer Structural Analysis, Professor Emeritus, University of Arizona




We provide assessments for:

Organizational Performance & Development;
Organizational Needs Assessment;
and Individual Assessments including 360

Our Organizational Performance & Development Assessment ensures that when you enter into an improvement or training process you are working on the right issues. Nothing wastes time and resources more than making changes before you understand fully the underlying or root causes of a situation. We interview and assess your employees, clients and total operations to give a complete picture of your operations and to prioritize the root cause issues and action needed to give you powerful results.

An Organizational Needs Assessment looks at performance issues, where your organization or employees are now and where you want to be and determine what you need to get you there. A need is the discrepancy between what should be and what is. Performance and accomplishments are part of a needs analysis but a useful analysis will include all business drivers, whether people, equipment, or leadership to name just a few of the important variables. A Needs Assessment is a tool to provide thorough information for organizational development.

Individual Assessments assist in training and developing people to improve in performance areas. One of the most important aspects of organizational development is individual is self-mastery. This is a Personal Foundation that drives the success of your organization. The more self aware your employees are, the better accountable choices they are able to make. It all comes down to people - you are only as successful as your people - so it makes sense to develop their self-mastery.

We use a variety of tools to assist with this important work. We decide the best individual assessment to use after speaking with you and your leaders. These tools work hand in hand with Organizational and Need Assessments.

What you can expect by providing the self-development technologies is your employees' awareness of themselves and other's behaviors, motivations and capacities. This awareness translates into solid skills such as improved self-management, effective choice-making, communicating with others and expanding personal capacity. These skills drive the success of your business. Complete your company profile and we will rush additional information.

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