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How To Develop Core Competencies In Project Managers

Project Management is internationally recognized as a management tool that is critical for success in most professional environments.  The need for Project Manager competency development is intensified by the shortage of qualified people.

Just what is competence?  Two elements are the actual performance of required skills and the personal attributes underlying such performance.  Many companies do not have a clear idea of what it is they expect the Project Manager to do other than bring projects in on time and on budget with client satisfaction.

Nothing wrong with those goals but they aren’t tied in a clear concise way to the “operations” needed to accomplish them.  Just what is needed to tie training, and skill development to the operational requirements of the job.

When you assess the training needs of Project Managers what should you look for?  I recommend developing an understanding of just what skills it takes to manage the projects in your organization.  For example:

In any project, we have predictable, although slightly variable because of the project, operational steps:

  • Developing a Scope of Work
  • Planning and controlling the schedule, budget, people power
  • Gathering Data
  • Design
  • Reviews…..and so on to the end of the project

What skills (competencies) are needed at each step of the operational processes and how competent in those skills are your various managers and/or staff members?

The way to increase competency is to: (1) look at your major operational tasks, determine competencies needed, (2) assess your current employees and (3) develop training to fill in the gaps.  A needs assessment is sometimes useful but operational requirements are critical.

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