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"Sharon is that rare individual - extremely intelligent and multi-talented,"
-- Hussein Kamel, PhD, Computer Structural Analysis, Professor Emeritus, University of Arizona

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K.I.S.S. Project Management

An old time sales trainer, the late Fred Herman, is credited with “the K.I.S.S. principle”; Keep It Simple Salesman. Since then, K.I.S.S. has been used by people in all professions whenever they want to make the point that the simplest approach is usually the best.

Nowhere is that more true than in Project Management. Sometimes we are guilty of underestimating the difficulty of the task, but sometimes we over-complicate things instead. And sometimes, simple (and implemented) is all that’s required for good results, especially in situations where the competition is barely doing their job! The example I have for you is from John Dillingham and it is exactly that: simple.

My guess is few of his competitors deliver projects on time and on budget – most probably slip deadlines and go for more additional services than Trump asking for additional loan capital. And I’d bet the biggest steak in Texas that none of his competitors practice continuous improvement. So, in essence, he has no competition.

John follows 5 simple principles to deliver quality projects on time and on budget:

  • 1. Spend the time defining what the client wants
  • 2. Develop a work plan to get it done
  • 3. Field your best team
  • 4. Make sure the whole team understands 1 & 2
  • 5. Work your plan
  • I Love Simplicity

    When I was a Project Manager it was always tempting to jump in and start the work before thoroughly completing steps 1 & 2 – it really is human nature – especially for goal oriented, get it done types. When I took the time to do it right – the simple way – the projects went a lot better. John Dillingham is making simple project management his battle cry and the results are phenomenal.

    Like cost overruns falling from 27% of revenue to 3.7% in 9 months. 91% of project deadlines met or exceeded. John is quickly getting the reputation amongst his clients as the “go to” guy when quality, cost and delivery matter. And when don’t they???

    What could be more complicated than having each project success rise or fall based on the random individual talent/ability of each Project Manager? I don’t need to remind you how much people vary in their ability to do projects well. Why not train ALL your people to follow a simple process and watch your Project Management capabilities rise?

    Incidentally, just for the fun of it – does your staff do each simple step well?

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