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Expert in Performance & Profitability

Expert in Performance & Profitability

Assessments, Business Consulting, Sales & Marketing, Retreats, Speaking



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"Sharon is that rare individual - extremely intelligent and multi-talented,"
-- Hussein Kamel, PhD, Computer Structural Analysis, Professor Emeritus, University of Arizona

"I can say we would not have accomplished our goals without your assistance."
-- Chester Teaford, HDR, Inc.,
formerly, V.P., Michael Baker Jr., Inc.




Articles for Entrepreneurs

Inexpensive Ways to Market Your Business

In difficult economic times, you may need to increase your marketing efforts just when your budget can least handle it. But, you can spread your marketing efforts by applying these low cost yet highly effective marketing strategies These ideas are easy to implement and will provide you almost instant return.

1. Co-Promote

Cut your marketing costs by promoting with other firms with the same type of target audience but different disciplines. Split the cost of proposals, and cross promote in newsletters. Pass on business cards, brochures and referrals to your existing customers. A co-promotion could bring you a lot of new opportunities and prospective customers.

2. Be A Joiner

By spending less than $500, you could join a few new business groups - not just your usual associations. Remember everyone you meet has 250 connections - While attending meetings, you will be generating many business alliances, new leads and more clients. To succeed in this tighter economy, you must be networking and making appearances on a regular basis. Sign up to serve on a board and become even more visible.

3. Hold An Open House

People will crawl out of the woodwork for free food and drinks, so why not host an open house? It's an inviting, low-key way of marketing your business for little money.

For extra cost savings, go with affordable items such as soda, cookies and snacks and use e-mail to announce the event. Take the opportunity to give a brief talk about what you do and thank your customers for their business, support and referrals.

4. Get More PR Leads To Promote Your Expertise

This website receives up to 100 leads per day from reporters who are writing articles and desperately need to interview an expert like YOU. If you want to be in the news, PR Leads is the fastest, easiest and most economical way. A full year subscription is less than $500. Give Dan a call to learn more at  1-952-380-1554. Or view the website at

5. Post Your Press Release on The World Wide Web

This website will post your press release for FREE - yes for FREE!  Check it out at For a small fee, you can move your listing to the top of the list for added exposure to the media.

6. Seek out Business Resources Online

To be the expert, you must be a life-long learner. You can find FREE business resources at the IBM Small Business Center at

This site offers free advice from small- business experts as well as articles on technology. The SBA's website also has a plethora of free advice, including an online library where you can read up on rules and regulations and find out about loans at Other sites for entrepreneurial leadership carry articles as well as advice on starting and growing your business. View these sites at and

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