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Is Your Company In Balance?

I’ve been in a lot of companies and many are out of balance. In fact, most focus only what the owner/executive or board of directors is most afraid of – what keeps him or her up at night. Often, it is profit. Not that profit isn’t ONE of the most important drivers of the business.

Sure there is a lot of lip service to employee retention and satisfaction, client satisfaction, project quality but in truth, many decisions are made in an unbalanced unfocused manner.

In some cases, the drive is only for profit. A company that had some disastrous financial results – so bad they cost the CEO his job – filters everything through profit. To the point that short sighted fearful decisions that hurt profitability are made.

But profit desire isn’t the only thing that can be out of balance. One company comes to mind where the executive/owner really wanted to retire and his focus permeated - EVERYONE was out balance with everyone working to get off work and get to their personal life where they really enjoyed themselves.

One focus is not better than the other – the point is that if any focus is unbalanced, there’s a problem.

Take for example the company that values client satisfaction so much that they don’t do change orders for fear of offending – they give away their profits. Why? Because they are out of balance.

There are certain things that have to be in place for success. Certainly businesses exist to make a profit. Also, life-style issues are important – we’re all familiar with the executive who can only relax with a drink in hand. The business has to have clients. And satisfied employees are a necessary ingredient for any business.

When A Company Is In Balance – Success Is A Dog
Barking At The Door

Too many organizations spend their time on the wrong things trying hard to be successful. Things get out of balance and band-aids are put on to make the pain go away. The most successful approach is to understand that a balance between all the components is the most healthy approach – for an individual or a firm.

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