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6/18/2008 Edition


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Youngblood Leadership Circle

The Leadership Circle is attracting the attention of many executives. This innovative program assists executives in recognizing and dealing with blind spots in their behavior, powerfully use personal style to be effective and creates improved ability to set and meet high business goals and personal accountability. This program involves no time away from the job, is extremely powerful and cost effective. It will provide your leaders with the tools to improve your organization’s performance.

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June 2008

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Leading & Growing Your Organization Through Changing Times

Out of 600 firms surveyed a full fifty percent plan to begin change initiatives to improve their business in the upcoming 12 months.

Training is big business around the world but the report cards on effectiveness of initiatives are not nearly so high. That is because most improvement issues assume that knowledge is all that is needed for employees to step up and do the best job possible.

Nothing could be further from the truth. If you think of your own experience of attending seminars, getting all fired up and being motivated for about 48 hours and then returning to business as usual. The problems in organizations are not usually lack of knowledge but rather personal limitations, blind spots and habits.

Our research indicates that most organizations report the following as their biggest deficiencies:

  1. Effective Leadership
  2. Predictable revenue
  3. Efficient processes to deliver services

Traditional training and consulting does not work to improve these areas substantially. After twenty years of working with top executives (defined as those who make a profit while enriching the lives of their employees as well as themselves), we KNOW that the most effective way to work with leaders is to do one on one mentoring. Mentoring where the leader strengthens their ability to think and be creative. It takes skill to reveal strengths in people. It is much harder than consulting or training. It takes more patience and a deep belief that people are capable and talented and have their own unique talents to bring forth.

Try this simple exercise: When talking with employees try to find out from them what they think should be done rather than starting from a position of knowing. Ask questions rather than give answers. It is a simple exercise but really difficult for high powered executives to do. Those who master this skill along with eight others which we’ll discuss each month are successful beyond anything they ever imagined.

It was great fun to see Judy, Mike, George and others in NYC. Thanks for coming! Also, Paul and Lindsey much to my surprise will be in Geneva and plan to attend my talk. If YOU have a chance to catch me let me know and we’ll have coffee afterward. That’s whats fun about having such interesting clients – you see them all over the world. Have a great summer. Warmly,

”A savvy company thrives in tough economic times”
- Sharon Youngblood

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