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5/14/2008 Edition


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Youngblood Leadership Circle

The Leadership Circle is attracting the attention of many executives. This innovative program assists executives in recognizing and dealing with blind spots in their behavior, powerfully use personal style to be effective and creates improved ability to set and meet high business goals and personal accountability. This program involves no time away from the job, is extremely powerful and cost effective. It will provide your leaders with the tools to improve your organization’s performance.

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May 2008

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5 Ways to Thrive in a Challenging Economy

Things are challenging. Today, you have to work smarter than ever to succeed. The good news is, you can keep up in this competitive economy.

What are you doing to compete?

Here are just a few ideas:

  1. Whatever your business you can offer something that is unique to you. Think hard to identify it and put it in practice.
  2. Take chances with your marketing. You can stand out if you are willing to take a few risks.
  3. Keep in touch. Follow up and connect with clients and prospects more often than you ever have in the past.
    More connections = more sales.
  4. Create a success plan and stay laser focused on your goals. Take only the steps necessary to reach your goals with a step-by-step action guide. First focus on the steps that will reap you the fastest and most profitable return on your time and investment.
  5. Focus on EXCELLENCE in service everyday. Service to your clients, your stakeholders, your staff and your community.

Don’t live in tomorrow. Plan ahead but be sure to do today’s tasks today. Do them well and with enthusiasm.

Much performance & profitability success,

”A savvy company thrives in tough economic times”
- Sharon Youngblood

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