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March 2008 Edition

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Self Care – Bringing energy into our life

Chi means Life Force and that is what sustains us until the end of our life and that ever present life force leaves our bodies. It is the energy that flows through us. In these times of economic challenge, how is your chi holding up?

Some days we just wake up low in energy while others we feel as if we could accomplish anything. There is a natural ebb and flow of our energy but when wide swings are the norm or we are constantly tired, it is a sign that we might need to practice more consistent self care.

In order to enjoy high energy we must practice self care. That is we must take care of our body mind and spirit. This we must do before we take of anyone else’s body mind and spirit. It is well known that people who work in the helping professions often burn out and find they have nothing of value to give to anyone. That is because they have neglected their own care while taking care of others. The quality of the care given others is directly proportional to the quality of self care. This is true no matter what your profession.

The body needs nutritious food three to five times a day to keep the body nourished. Nutritous and balanced between proteins, fats and carbos. It is well known that the American diet is out of balance. Over 42 percent of all people of all ages are overweight. Begin to eat more nutritiously and your energy will increase immediately.

The body also craves movement and regular exercise creates energy. A brisk walk on a cold day listening to favorite music on an Ipod can shift anyone’s day to higher energy.

Massage and applying lotion as well as warm baths and showers are other ways to care for the body. One of the most important things is to simply get enough sleep.

The body is the gateway to balance because it gives us enough energy to take care of the mind by meditating and thinking positive thoughts. Likewise, prayer or reading inspirational literature is more easily accomplished when we have muscles and physical energy that support us in our mind spirit activities.

Try to get others that you spend your days with involved in physical exercise. If possible, set up a yoga room at your place of work. Go for a brisk walk together during lunch. If your employer is game, set up a recreation room with at least a treadmill and a few weights. Make self care part of your mission statement.

What do you think?

I want to hear from you!

I do hear regularly from many of you but right now I am particularly interested in how your business is faring. What are your biggest challenges? Most of my clients report doing well – many are expecting the downturn but except for those clients in the home building industries, most are not suffering terribly. Almost everyone is a little slower than usual.

That brings me to a vital point. The media is all about hype and I encourage you to market your business and don’t be unduly influenced by the media! Of course the challenges are real but the media propensity to repeat the same dour message over and over can get to you – it can erode your confidence and your success! While you are thinking about it, dash off a quick email and let me know how you and your business are . Send me your biggest challenge and I’ll send you my best thoughts on what you can do immediately! I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

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You may reprint this article as long as you include the copyright and author's name. We also appreciate your letting us know when and where you are reprinting.

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