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January 2008 Edition

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Blame Storming – the incompetent manager’s solution

Yes, incompetent. Jung discovered it years ago. Whenever we blame we are actually talking about ourselves – our shortcomings, and limitations. I am no psychologist but as I understand it from reading Jung we all have a shadow side – those parts of ourselves that we just can’t stomach. When we see those qualities in others, we criticize them rather than spending our time on self knowledge and improving our own performance. Whenever you work for a manager or hear yourself blaming rather than concerning yourself with what tools you need to give to your employees to make them successful, you are practicing incompetence.

Even more important, you are throwing away success in your business with both hands.

If you cannot seem to stop blaming and controlling others there are two important professionals that you need in your business more than you need new computers, new employees or anything else. I am serious. The most important thing you can do for your business is find a highly talented business coach trained and certified to assist you in improving your communication style. The second most important thing for your business is for you to see a therapist with the express intention to heal whatever drives you to blame and criticize others.

I’ll bet you the biggest steak in Texas that there are blame stormers reading this or managers who have hopeless blame stormers on staff terrorizing their people who can’t quite see themselves. Their colleagues would have no trouble identifying them as such. Most will rationalize it away and take no action. A few will hire a coach and therapist and not utilize their services and/or not require their managers to follow through. They will just continue in the cycle of almost being successful - hiring new people, being really excited about them, beginning to blame, breaking the people down, hiring new people and on and on until their business fails.

Happy New Year!

This has been a challenging year for me personally. I so appreciate the support of my many clients and friends. Your patience with not hearing from me and yet continuing to support me and my business is truly gratifying. I want to thank this opportunity to thank you and to let you know the tide has turned. I am back with you communicating and enjoying the growth of both of our businesses. I wish the very best and most prosperous New Year to you all. I look forward to seeing many of you over the year. Please drop a note at – I always like to hear from you – Sharon

News! Our 2008 teleseminar will be beginning soon – watch for announcements.

After four years of study I have completed training with Coach U and will be certified by the International Coach Federation in June. Completing 3200 hours of supervised coaching and 132 hours of coursework, I will be designated a Master Coach. Thank you for your support.

You may reprint this article as long as you include the copyright and author's name. We also appreciate your letting us know when and where you are reprinting.

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