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1/15/2007 Edition


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January 2007

Performance Miner is in three sections this month:

In this issue:

1. Scrooge is Still Here - Tales of the Toxic Boss
2. Technology Buzz
3. Happy New Year


1. Are You A Toxic Boss?

Probably not but since working for one is the number one reasons employees jump ship or worse stay on the job and are 100% unmotivated, it is worth discussing.

First understand the word toxic. It means deadly, poisonous and contaminated. Everyone knows the type - it is the boss no one wants towork for. It is the head of a department that has excessive turnover. We've all experienced them but do you know the top ten things that make a toxic boss? Here they are - our New Year's wish for you is that you don't have to work for one (and in today's tight employee market, no one does) but also that you are NOT one!

Here is our Top Ten Toxic list - if you do three of these things you are a Toxic Boss candidate:

  1. Shame, embarrass and criticize employees in front of others

  2. Shame or embarrass employees in the privacy of your office

  3. Second guess their every decision - micro manage them until they squeal

  4. Don't give clear direction to employees then blame them when they don't live up to unspoken expectations

  5. Instill fear by rapidly changing expectations or demanding unreasonable results

  6. Neglect to reward achievement but focus on punishing and/or criticizing for failure

  7. Send scathing emails

  8. Expect them to drop everything when you have a brilliant idea that needs their support

  9. Reverse their decisions encouraging them to give up thinking

  10. Treat them like you are the lord of the manor and they are, well, serfs.

We can help - request our paper on "How To Stop Being the Toxic Boss". Send an email to, call 520-795-7498 or FAX 520-795-7556 to request your copy.

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What's New?

Curt Maddon, V.P., Youngblood Consulting, Inc. hit the floor and the business running. He is currently serving three clients and the reviews are good! He is networking one client's computers to allow them to tunnel in from another country as well as other remote locations, improve internal operations and managing the optimization of their website. Other projects include web optimization, operations improvement and retention issues. If you would like to know how technology in your office can assist you with operations and profitability issues, call for a free consultation. 520-795-7498 or 602-609-6785.

2. Technology Buzz

Is your website presence important to your revenue? Do you drive revenue on the web? Do you want to be the company that pops up on the browser when your industry and service are entered?

Unless you haven't joined the millennium the answer is yes.

The field of website optimization is cluttered but not everyone who bills themselves as an optimizer truly is. You need to do a lot more than enter keywords. Before you spend a fortune on web optimization solutions that do not improve your bottom line, request our white paper on "How to Drive Clients to Your Website and Increase Your Revenue." Send an email to, call 520-795-7498 or send a fax to 520-795-7556 and request your copy.

3. Happy New Year

As we start the New Year full of promise and hope let's all see what we can pack into the stream of life. Starting with ourselves bringing to our co-workers, clients and families the very best that we can be. At Youngblood Consulting Inc. we wish you an empowered powerful life full of radical authenticity, joy and achievement. Happy New Year!

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