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11/15/2006 Edition


Youngblood Consulting::Performance Miner (TM) November 2006

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November 2006

Performance Miner is in two sections this month:

In this issue:

1. Want to Keep Top Performers? Stop Micro-Managing!
2. Life Biz


1. Want to Keep Top Performers? Stop Micro-Managing!

Sixty percent of the firms in this country are classified as small businesses by the Federal Government. Small business is the undisputed best generator of new jobs and feeds the economy. The biggest challenge facing small business, according to Newsweek, is the founder/entrepreneur who is a micro manager.

Before you think this challenge doesn't face your sophisticated large company you need to understand that in survey after survey the reason given for an employee leaving is dissatisfaction with a micro managing boss!

The root of micro-managing is fear. Fear that the job won't get done unless the manager is involved with every detail. Fear that if important tasks are delegated the entrepreneur/manager will lose control of the operation. Fear, fear and even more fear causes otherwise intelligent capable people to drive their competent staff away and/or burn them out.

How is it possible for entrepreneurs or managers to conquer this driving fear that is self defeating?

  1. Face the problem - recognition is well over half the challenge.

  2. Seek out resources to support and develop more effective delegation.

Ongoing leadership development of entrepreneurs and all of your managers is the best investment that can be made in your firm.

What's New?

Sharon will deliver a keynote address in Paris during December to Entrepreneurial CEOs as a kick-off for a three day event. This is an invitation only event. If you are a CEO who is passionately interested in taking your business to a new level of success, contact Sharon Youngblood to discuss your qualification for this world class event. You must be motivated and you must apply. If you would like to be involved with top level entrepreneurs in an environment so stimulating you come home completely recharged- this is the event for you - but it is not for everyone!

2. Life Biz

With the recent upsets over carrying liquids on the airplane, people got a chance to see what their life beliefs are. In every airport you could see the whiners carrying on about having to think about what they could carry on and what they couldn't. Or worse carrying on about things they knew they were not allowed to take on being tossed.

Big deal.

Life today is about constant change and adaptation. Do you spend your time complaining and worrying about what you cannot change or do you just conserve your energy, stay ahead of the curve and get on with it?

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