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8/15/2006 Edition


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August 2006

Performance Miner is in three sections this month:

In this issue:

1. The Competition is Recruiting Your Valuable Staff!
2. Life Biz
3. Personal Foundations


1. The Competition is Recruiting Your Valuable Staff!

If you have good employees in today's tight labor force, your employees are getting calls from your competitors trying to woo them away from you. Gone are the ethical days when competitors took a hands-off policy and did not actively recruit another firm's staff. Now they use your resources - your computers, your telephone and yes, they talk with your employee on your dime!

You might as well face it - if your staff is any good, somebody wants them - bad!

Some of our colleagues don't even want to send their staff to training or professional meetings because recruiting has become so cut throat. That is not a solution. In fact, that approach will lose people very quickly because research has shown that professional development is an important factor in retention.

But even professional development is not the most important factor. The most important ingredient in retaining valuable employees is the relationship between that employee and his/her manager. Here are some of the factors that research has shown create a manager/staff relationship that successfully retains employees:

1.  Mutual respect - excellent staff will not work under even a mildly verbally abusive manager.
2.  A manager who leads rather than micro-manages
3.  Ongoing professional development
4.  A manager who has and communicates a clear direction
5.  A manager who has the ability to listen as well as communicate
6.  Communication skills that make the employee feel like a valued member of something bigger than themselves

Ongoing leadership development of all of your managers is the best investment that can be made in your retention program. It is infinitely more important than adding more perks and/or picnics. It is even more important than salary increases for 98% of your employees.

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What's New?

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2. Life Biz

"Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country," is a famous quote that has far reaching application in our personal and business lives. Are you a solo player or are you making contributions to life? Another way of saying it is - are you in it for yourself or are you contributing?

For the next twenty four hours see what you can bring to the party - what you can contribute and you will enjoy improved relationships and productivity.

3. Personal Foundations

Learn to give and receive feedback

Feedback can be objective or subjective but it is always a process of giving or receiving an evaluative response about something that has been said or happened.

It is important to understand your own comfort level with both giving and receiving feedback. Some of us can literally dish it out and not take it! As a leader, you are the mirror for your employees on how to give and receive feedback - what are you modeling for them?

Leaders must learn to comfortably give objective feedback. When they do, employees are comfortable receiving it. Use the following questions to guide you in improving your awareness of your comfort with giving effective feedback:

1. Are you comfortable giving positive feedback?
2. Are you comfortable receiving feedback?
3. What about constructive feedback?
4. What would you like to improve?

You may reprint this article as long as you include the copyright and author's name. We also appreciate your letting us know when and where you are reprinting.

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