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6/15/2006 Edition


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Performance Miner™ is our trademark. You are encouraged to share the contents with others with appropriate attribution. Please use the ™ whenever the phrase "Performance Miner" is used in connection with this newsletter or our workshops.

June 2006

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Performance Miner™ is our trademark. You are encouraged to share the contents with others with appropriate attribution. Please use the ™ whenever the phrase "Performance Miner" is used in connection with this newsletter or our workshops.


Performance Miner is in three sections this month:

In this issue:

1. The Real Key to Retention
2. Life Biz
3. Personal Foundations


1. The Real Key to Retention

Many firms spend a lot of time and resources planning picnics, parties, and piling on additional perks to keep their valuable employees. Too bad they are wasting time and money.

Perks and bonuses are increasing and companies are becoming more cynical as their employees move to their competitors. In response, the latest management fad is embraced, more resources are expended and the only thing that increases is employee churn.

Any firm can reduce employee churn and retain their valuable employees by improving the leadership of the managers who oversee their most valuable resource - their employees.

Employees change jobs because they don't like working with their manager in 9 out of 10 cases.

Every competitor in the field provides benefits, bonuses and other perks. It is the ticket to get in the game. To stay in the game your firm must purge itself of micro management, poor communication, poor delegation and leaders with weak values and direction.

To develop leaders, four things need to be provided:

1. Book knowledge
2. Experiential knowledge
3. Self knowledge
4. Mentorship

Leaders cannot be developed effectively in seminars or short term programs. Of these four requirements self knowledge is the area where most leaders fall short.

A program which includes assessment of behaviors, interests, attitudes and values followed by one on one leadership development sessions facilitated by a well trained coach is the most effective way of providing the self knowledge necessary to develop effective leaders.

2. Life Biz

If you've had a boss or colleague who claims credit for your ideas, you have experienced betrayal. Few things are more de-motivating than being the receiver of that brand of betrayal. Over the long haul, motivating and encouraging others while accepting credits yourself when it is due is a recipe for success in both the private and public sectors of life.

What's New?

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3. Personal Foundations

The model you use to make decisions will affect your success.

Often it is the point of decision that causes a project to fail. That is, the decision is not made, is deferred too long or is made too hastily.

A good decision making model is one that is structured enough to force a decision yet flexible enough to keep taking in data as you decide.

How do you currently make decisions?

Your current model is the place to start. Once you figure out how you make your decisions, take a look at strengths and weaknesses in your approach.

Modify and/or strengthen major points in your decision making process. Ask yourself, "What can I do to make the best decisions possible?"

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