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5/15/2006 Edition


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Performance Miner™ is our trademark. You are encouraged to share the contents with others with appropriate attribution. Please use the ™ whenever the phrase "Performance Miner" is used in connection with this newsletter or our workshops.

May 2006

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Performance Miner™ is our trademark. You are encouraged to share the contents with others with appropriate attribution. Please use the ™ whenever the phrase "Performance Miner" is used in connection with this newsletter or our workshops.


Performance Miner is in three sections this month:

In this issue:

1. Outsourcing - Benefit or Risk?
2. Life Biz
3. Personal Foundations


1. Outsourcing - Benefit or Risk?

As it becomes difficult and then almost impossible to find the qualified professionals you need, more and more firms are thinking of outsourcing. The fact that the cost of a professional in India or China is 75% less than here in the states is attractive. However, most firms are turning to outsourcing as a recruitment necessity instead of a financial boon.

If you are thinking of outsourcing there are a few things you need to be sure of. According to Douglas Folk, Esquire, a Phoenix attorney who serves the design and construction industry, "Many firms are taking on huge risk without the financial reserves to manage the risk if something goes wrong." If there is a labor dispute, a firm that has not had competent legal counsel may find themselves settling disputes in a foreign venue under foreign labor laws.

Most large firms are careful about the legal ramifications of any contractual arrangement. They also have deeper pockets in case of a problem. Smaller firms have to be extremely cautious about venturing abroad with the biggest trap being putting oneself in a position of defending a position in a foreign court under foreign labor laws.

The thought of highly trained people whose salaries will increase your margins exponentially is seductive. But look carefully before you leap - and make sure you have competent legal counsel before you even begin to tackle the complex training, quality, standards, and communication issues. We'll explore these issues in the months ahead.

2. Life Biz

It becomes more and more important to be resilient and prepared for all sorts of annoyances and delays whether traveling or visiting the neighborhood Office Max. I'm grateful for the years I spent in NYC in the 80s - before the city cleaned up to its present state. I learned to tune out the street mimes, strange folks and hundreds of other annoyances and to never be without a walkman (now Bose set), good book or some other private distraction to deal with the insanity that seems to have escaped from New York and be on a road trip all over this country.

What's New?

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3. Personal Foundations

The way you appear to others speaks volumes to them before you even say a word. What does your appearance say about you? Take a minute and answer the following. Choose one area to improve over the next month and improve your ability to positively influence the way you appear to others.

  • How much attention to you pay to the way you look?

  • Do you look as if you take good care of yourself?

  • Do you have regular haircuts and is your hair clean and shiny at all times? If not, why not?

  • Take a close look at your nails - what do they say about you?

  • Do your clothes show that you take care of yourself? Clean? Neat?

  • What do you need to improve about your appearance?

  • Why would it benefit you to improve your appearance?

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